How Do you determine the swing of a door unit?

To determine the hand of a door, view the door from the outside—the side that the hinges are on is the hand of the door—if the door swings away from the viewer, the hand is a regular hand, i.e., right or left hand— if the door swings to the viewer, the door is reverse swing, i.e., right hand reverse swing or left hand reverse swing

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What is the difference between Lockset / Privacy / Passage?

Functions (Lock): A set of operating features for a particular type of lock or exit device which make it suitable for a specific application.

  • Entry / Entrance / Office: Push button locking. Button on inside locks outside lever until unlocked by key or by rotating the inside lever. Inside lever always free.
  • Passage: Latch retracted by levers at all times. Never locked.
  • Privacy: Outside knob/lever locked by pushbutton on inside knob/lever. Rotating inside knob/lever or closing door releases/unlocks button. Emergency release in outside knob/lever.
  • Storeroom / Closet: Outside lever always locked. Latchbolt retracted by key in outside lever or by rotating inside lever. Inside lever always free

Why is a draft coming through my door – and what can I do to fix it?

A draft maybe coming through the top/side/bottom of the door.  To fix it you can purchase a weatherstrip seal and/or bottom seal. Click on either Residential or Commercial for your options.

How Can I add security to a door?

There are various ways to add security to a door.  You can add a keyed deadbolt on your door which has a latch that is near impossible to pry open.  Another deadbolt option is a keypad option which you need a number combination in order to open that deadbolt. Click on these options to view them: TLA51 or 7102

If you have a lock and deadbolt already on your door you can add a latch blocker which covers the gap between the door and door frame.  This will make it difficult for anyone to even try to attempt to pry your locks.  Click here to view this option.